A Sensational Return

An Olfactory Ovation

Celtic Chameleon
5 min readMar 1, 2024
created by author in Midjourney

“Covid devoured my sense of smell last August, stripped away a precious gift that I had always thought I appreciated well. But I did not know true gladness and gratitude until that gift was returned to me, tattered and convalescing, but alive.”

I washed my hands, vaguely noting the dewy tang of the lather, and then strolled to the spare room at the end of the hallway to search for the lost charger.

Unlikely I’d find it there, because I don’t visit that far room at the hallway’s end often. But the sly thing had eluded me for days, so I was eliminating all possibilities.

Though I’ve never found proof of a restless unseen in that part of the house, still something stirs and nags at me, deep (deep) in my reptile brain when I’m down that end, alone.

I turned the door handle with jaunty determination, proving to my ever unseen audience that I am unafraid.