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More Pointless Bickering That’s Really All About Control

Celtic Chameleon
3 min readNov 28, 2021
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Psychological projection is real. Mind reading (in psychology) is real.

And a desire for control is real.

Good morning, you may remember me from such articles as:

Where I pointed out the reality that you can complain as bitterly as you like about people dropping links in your comments, and they are going to do it anyway. Your three options are:

  • Accept it with good grace
  • Accept it while making yourself feel miserable.
  • Block them, block comments or only post on your own site.

You do not have the option of controlling other people’s behaviour. But you can generally control your own reaction to it.

Lately, I’ve seen a spate of similar complaints about people who dare to clap on your posts without first reading your Holy Grail.

How very dare they?!

Anyone For Clap And Run?

Let’s break the clap and run complaint down logically.

  1. You actually have no idea if they’ve read your post. The read ratio algorithm is absolutely pants, and some people read very fast.
  2. You won’t change the behaviour of the clap and runners by complaining.
  3. Well, in fact, you won’t change it in the way you hope to — but you might convince them to skip your articles altogether.
  4. If you consider it a victory to have fewer people opening and clapping on your work, then good for you I guess.
  5. Claps are actually a favour and a good thing. Even without a read they benefit your article. Here’s why.