Dear Penguin, You Better Not Get Me Banned

Celtic Chameleon
2 min readJun 13, 2022
Pixabay free from copyright

(Startled note from author approx 5 hours after publishing — Wait, does that penguin have a willy? Hmm. Too lazy to change it now.)

In response to a request by the Penguin to let them have it with the insults, I penned a few words.

But my response refuses to publish itself. Every time I hit publish in the comment section, tumbleweeds whirl past, crickets chirp, a vague wind blows around my nether regions and bugger all else happens.

It seems that Tedium have finally decided to put a stop to my shitfuckery and remove the wheels altogether from my little red wagon. It’s actually quite a nice lesson in why we can’t censor comments based on the nasty sweary words contained within.

So I’m writing this as a story individually and will link to it in your comments.

If this is the final straw that gets me booted Penguin, I will not be best pleased.

Original comment reads:

Dear Penguin, I’m afraid I am at a loss, I generally only insult people - or birds - I don’t like. I do have a shocking temper however, so if you manage to anger me I might come up with something along the lines of you pustulent, maggoty fuckbucket of a whoreson whose mother should never have graced the earth with her meaty flapped shitwittery; your syphilitic gibbering cuntfuckery and mealy mouthed meanderings should have remained a mere cumstain on your father’s filthy sheets.

Went too far with the filthy sheets, methinks.

PS, is it your birthday?

PPS, for those wondering about the name change…