Demanding to Be Taught The Two Times Tables

Don’t interrupt if you don’t know the basics

Celtic Chameleon


Image source ashish choudhary from Pixabay free for commercial use no attribution required

Sometimes commenters try to respond to arguments nobody has made, seemingly to address their own personal obsessions, rather than engage with the subject matter. I’ve discussed what I think of that elsewhere.

Recently, a man who didn’t understand the concept of systemic oppression insisted on talking at me. I’d like to thank him for being my muse for this wee blog post.

Instead of discussing the topic or replying to my comment relevantly, in his reflexive anger at any woman who doesn’t kowtow he tried to shift the argument to a complaint I wasn’t interested in, namely his own personal hurt feelings when imaginary individual women are unkind to imaginary individual men.

If you wish to enter a discussion on systemic oppression, you must first educate yourself on the concept.

Well, I mean you don’t have to. You can just look silly and have someone shut you down, if you prefer.

Rather than the endless deflections, insults and general trolling which he had eagerly anticipated, his hobgoblin ways were cut short when I merely laughed at his obvious attempts at derailing and declined to otherwise engage. His next parry was the sealion manoeuvre, which was also met with a chuckle and a hard pass.

The twit had fixated on my comment on an article whose handmaiden author had posited that men’s oppression (by other men) and men’s issues (caused by the society men have created), are for women to fix. My assertion was: “It is neither your responsibility to fix men, nor any woman’s. Nor is it possible. Men hold most of the power and money in society, men created society, women have tried for hundreds of years to stop…