Doorways and Perception

Constraints, Creativity and Doorways that Aren’t There

Celtic Chameleon
5 min readJun 3


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Doorways are fascinating things, aren’t they? Especially doorways that aren’t there.

The Door into Summer, that very famous wardrobe, The Secret Garden, that Looking Glass and what Alice found there.

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You can find the muse around any corner.

A trick I sometimes use to boost creativity is to physically and literally look at things from a different perspective.

Climbing on a rock, lying down on the grass, going to a corner of the garden and examining the ferns, taking a different route, finding a corner of the world close by you’ve never examined before, or just changing your morning routine entirely — all of this can set off sparks of creativity.

created in midjourney by author

There is no door, or dark area in the far left-hand corner of our back garden, behind the three sisters.

And yet, here there appeared to be one, a dark doorway, when I took this photograph from an unusual angle, lying down on some garden furniture, at the end of last year.

The second photograph is an up close photograph I took today, the third was taken on the same day as the first. None have been touched up or altered.

Looking at the first photograph on my phone after I had just taken it, I became intrigued by the dark area where I knew there was none. I approached slowly and stood there, and reached out a hopeful, fearful, questioning hand.

But the colourbond fence kept its secrets.

What was a little stranger, perhaps was that back in 2021, I wrote this tweet. Perhaps it tried to will itself into life.