Authentic Eclectic Newsletter №23


Spotlight on Tony, P.J., Paula S, Patricia, Jody, Ellen, Steff, Maria, Rhiannon, Catherine, Lisa — and me

Celtic Chameleon
4 min readNov 22, 2022


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Buried inside every precious and perilous breath of love is the seed of grief.

I’ve collected a few stories from the Authentic Eclectic (and a couple from outside the publication) which I hope will help us all to remember we are not alone.

There are as many ways to grieve as there are individuals, and individual circumstances.

Sometimes it feels damn lonely down there in the deeps, doing the work of grief. But really, we’re all in it together — it is the fate of those of us fortunate enough to know love to be forced to grieve.

It is the longing for connections that were severed through no choice of our own.

And it is the knowing that love too is a temporary treasure that makes it so precious, urges us to grasp it even tighter.

Knowing what must come doesn’t help us when it happens. Sometimes, it feels that nothing will.

Oh, what I would give for true knowledge that I will meet my loved ones again, in some form. Then I could grieve them with hope.

In acknowledgement, then, of Grief.

The heaviest load we carry, and the last honour we do the ones we love.

This piece by Patricia Hodge is articulate, self-aware and sincere; I felt it deeply.

One of the most honest and painful stories I’ve ever read about the loss of a child. Jody Pineholm doesn’t write often, but when she does she packs a punch.

PJ Jackelman’s capacity for humanity and forgiveness is extraordinary.

From within her sorrow, Steffany Ritchie shares her honest, painful thoughts about her dad.

Tony Atkinson’s honesty is compelling as he asks —Am I a monster?