Authentic Eclectic Newsletter №23


Spotlight on Tony, P.J., Paula S, Patricia, Jody, Ellen, Steff, Maria, Rhiannon, Catherine, Lisa — and me

Celtic Chameleon
4 min readNov 22, 2022
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Buried inside every precious and perilous breath of love is the seed of grief.

I’ve collected a few stories from the Authentic Eclectic (and a couple from outside the…



Material Alterations in the Brains of Those Who Experience Abuse

9 min read

May 4, 2022

Do Speak Ill of the Dead, or the Living

8 min read

Sep 9, 2021

We Can’t Just Get Over It

13 min read

Aug 3, 2021

The Friction Factor

9 min read

Jun 2, 2021

stillness of lost desire for movement

1 min read

Sep 23, 2020