Celtic Chameleon
2 min readNov 19, 2021


It's terribly sad that you don't see you are exactly the same as they are - on the flip side. Simply ignoring someone or saying "Agree to disagree" is not longer acceptable, people must beat one another over the head and WIN. Which has the opposite effect, further polarises debate and pushes people into a corner.

There are conspiracies on the left, and cult behaviour on the left and right. You are calling people you disagree with delusional and crazy and wondering why they're not receptive to you.

I am begging you to stop this, to look at your own behaviour and to understand that you are not winning hearts and minds, you are part of the reason why people are voting far right in droves.

As a fully vaccinated person who is frightened and horrified by BOTH ends of the political spectrum as they are BOTH damaging and dangerous, I can see clearly that this is simply pushing people further and further towards the right. I keep trying to warn those with genuine left leanings (and I believe in socialised healthcare, education and government housing and a social safety net, as I grew up in poverty in the UK) that identity politics and ramming your beliefs down one another's throats is definitively causing the far right to rise.

"You're a stupid, mean-spirited ignorant monster".


Yes, your friend sounds a bit unhinged. But, honestly, the way you are talking about someone you called a friend? The way you are talking about your fellow citizens and those who hold as much power as you do to change the future, doesn't sound very reasonable, calm or logical to me.

Hiding responses because I don’t feel like being attacked, abused and insulted for giving a respectful, polite and well thought out response.