Newsbreak Updates Policies to Exclude non-US Writers

My Foray Into Newsbreak — I Tried it So You Don’t Have To

Celtic Chameleon
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The Story So Far

Back in Feburary, on the back of yet another Medium mishap that made me wonder if the Sword of Damocles was finally going to fall, I finally stopped faffing around and set up a Substack site — which is going rather well — and at the same time I thought I’d give Newsbreak a go. Why not, right?

On a side note — I like the community interaction on Substack, and I truly appreciate the freedom to write whatever I like — writing words that coincide with material reality will not get you booted from Substack.

And “Notes” is a fantastic addition, you can see what your fellow writers are saying, you can get super political if you want, or just restack your fiction pieces if that suits you better.

Anyway, I digress.

Update on my Newsbreak Monetization Experimentation

Newsbreak have updated their policies as of 22nd May 2023.

Their monetization policy now states that you must live in the USA to be paid for your work.

They’ve asked for a US telephone for a while now, but there are ways around that, which many paid Newsbreak contributors have discovered.

To those of you still flying under the radar so far, good for you, long may you continue to be paid by Newsbreak — no sarcasm intended.

And to be clear, I have no problem with a country favouring its own citizens. I think it’s perfectly fair to do so. I wasn’t even troubled that you cannot download the Newsbreak App unless you are in the USA.

Their country, their rules.



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