Removed As a Writer From The AE

An Experience I Hope Never to Repeat

Celtic Chameleon


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Dear Ex AE Writer,

I’m not a fan of the Open Letter trope, or I’d have employed it on this occasion.

Another thing I’m not fond of is drama llama ding dong performances. Sometimes I will give a troll a serve — at most two. And I do enjoy handing out trophies to the newbie trolls who occasionally grace my comment sections.

But I never venture into extended wars of words. If I dislike you or your comment, and/or think your comment is inappropriate, I hide it, ignore it or I block you.

Removing oxygen from your petulant, grubby little fire is the way to go.

You’d have been blocked long ago if you weren’t one of the AE writers.

Bully for You

I’ve been made aware a few times of some on this site trying to sledge me. I do find it amusing and a little confusing that I’m so incredibly fascinating to people whose names I don’t even remember.

It is what it is. No matter how hard you try to be inoffensive, there’s always the complaining contingent, the beige brigade, desperate for some sort of recognition and importance, glaring balefully from the shadows, slyly whispering and bickering.

So you might as well give zero shits about whether anyone finds you annoying. Short of not existing, someone will — and they’ll likely find a way to be annoyed by your not existing too.

If Jesus Christ himself appeared on Earth and walked among us healing the sick and the lame and giving out free fish and grog, some walloper would be whispering about him behind his back.

And clearly, I’m no Jesus. I’m not even his mum.

But I don’t engage in bullying, even with bullies. And I recognise that in this case it could be seen as bullying if I mention who you are. So I won’t.