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Rumour-Mongers Are Dangerous

Three Important Lessons You Need To Learn

Celtic Chameleon
8 min readSep 13, 2021


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Long ago, I was trolled by a lunatic on Twitter.

This was a previous account with about 6000+ followers. I was going through a rough patch mental health wise, so I interacted a lot with my fellow nutters and followed many genuinely funny, clever but often quite disturbed individuals.

For the most part, it was really entertaining. And then it wasn’t.

Fortunately, I’d already made significant strides with the aid of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, when I saw a shrink for PTSD. Thanks to CBT, by the time the Bedlamite turned her gaze Alisonward, I had already internalised a very valuable lesson about people who gossip about you.

The lesson — put simply — is So What?

So what if they’re gossiping? Can they hurt me? Can they get me sacked, harm my relationship, harm my kids or otherwise materially harm me?

The answer is almost always no (unless you’re a victim of the Cult of Cancelites).

If You Weren’t There, You Have No Idea

When it comes to gossip there are two important things to note:

If you were not in the room, did not see the text yourself, did not see the email, hear the conversation in full — if you were not fully engaged in the exchange you do not know what happened. You know one person’s version of what happened.

And people lie. Some more than others.

My ex sister in law was forever telling me “Gran said” (insert insult). I’d ask her — did she say that to you? The answer was always no. Gran said it to Sandy who said it to Mandy who said it to…

And I’d repeat, patiently “Then you don’t know what Gran said”.

But I think perhaps my ex sil enjoyed the turmoil too much to ever really incorporate this reality into her world view.