Substack and Newsbreak Features that I’d Love To See on Medium

Celtic Chameleon
3 min readMay 21
created by author on Midjourney

Along with many others, I invested in Substack a few weeks ago.

I didn’t invest because I think it will make me money — in fact I rather doubt it. I invested because it’s a home for both great writing and free speech — something the world sorely needs more of.

I invested because I want to see it succeed.

But aside from that, when it comes to actual functionality, there are a few things Medium could borrow from both Substack and Newsbreak to upgrade our UX.

A Preview Button

Both Newsbreak and Substack incorporate the preview button — and it’s great feature.

It’s like scrolling your mobile device to read your finished article — not only a useful way to proof read but it allows you to really see in advance what you’re delivering to your readers.


Screenshot of preview:


A further benefit of the preview on Substack is that it serves as a reminder to take down my paywall.

At this point, I am not charging subscribers on Substack. Everything is still free.

However, a kind reader sent me a generous donation the other day, and I had to monetise my account to receive it, so now my articles are automatically placed behind the paywall — which I can remove with a click.

As you can see, the preview reminds me to click.

A Word Count

Yes, I’m aware you can find your word count on Medium. As they explain: