The Callous Bullying of Chuggers

Just leave people alone

Celtic Chameleon
11 min readMay 26, 2024
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“Why is society so filled to the brim with cry bullies and people too afraid to defend their own boundaries?”

I staggered from the doctor’s office, feeling fairly grim.

My digestive issues were playing up, my skin almost translucently pale, my innards inflamed; I felt headachy, breathless and exhausted.

Despite my efforts to drink enough water, I was so dehydrated that it was only the skill of the phlebotomist that finally yielded enough blood for the three collection tubes demanded by the crumpled piece of paper clutched in my clammy hand.

I trudged slowly around the corner, and as the doors to the mall slid welcomingly open, my stomach dropped in dread.


More bloody chuggers.

A chugger, if you’re not familiar with the term, is a Charity Mugger.

ai author created

You know them well, I’m sure. They make every trip to a mall and its environs a painful and excruciating escape room.