Women Have Always Worked for Pay

Staying Home with Children is an Aspirational Middle Class Conceit

Celtic Chameleon
12 min readMar 29


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It seems clear to me that the reason so many Medium writers view life through Luxury Belief Goggles, is that almost none of them were raised working class. Sometimes even those who think they were, indeed, working class mention experiences that show a happily oblivious view of life.

That’s not meant as a dig, just an observation. It’s not a competition, yes I understand that.

None of us can help our upbringing, and I do not begrudge you your good luck. And, of course, we all see things through our own filter.

But the bias leaks in.

I guarantee that the vaste swathes of the unwashed — a mob I’m proud to have sprung from — don’t give any credence to 99 percent of the silly, and generally irrational nonsensery that echoes from the glass walls of luxury class bell jars.

However, the luxury classes — from aspirational middle upwards — tend to hold the pens, the reigns in the arts, and a lot of the power, so you’d almost be inclined believe their nutty ideologies are accepted by the majority.

Until you actually talk to ordinary people.

But I digress.

Please take a moment to read this excellent piece by one of my Medium friends, a woman whose writing skill I admire a great deal:

Luxury Class Beliefs

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I believe that this sort of class bias is behind the notion that women “going back to work” is damaging to children. The aspirational middle classes want to live like June Cleaver, and the upper classes just dump their kids with nannies.

But working-class women have always had to work.